The right SEO strategy for your website can break down the invisible barrier preventing potential customers from finding your product or service. Ultimately this means more people coming to your website and more revenue.

Increase Leads

Are you ranking for the keywords that really matter? How far is your reach locally, nationally? 

Increase Sales

How likely is your site to convert? Conversion analytics is a great way to get insight into what your visitors are doing and their likely response.

Reduce Expenses

Are you spending too much on poor performing ad accounts or unnecessary hosting fees? We help identify cost savings for business owners, with a focus on reducing their online marketing costs across various channels while still achieving desired results.


If  this resonates with you then it’s worth asking for our 30 minute no-obligation assessment.

During our free assessment call, we audit your website, review your goals and identify areas of opportunity.   You’ll leave understanding how to best move forward with your strategy.


We look for the changes that will make the biggest impact on your traffic and conversion. We find innovative ways of improving your site’s ranking. We look at everything from end user testing (what do people think about your website?) all the way down to reverse engineering competitors’ sites.

We really do care as much about your business as we do. When you come to us, it’s not just a job for the week with some tasks on our plate after that – no. We spend time getting to know your business, goals and determining an SEO strategy that makes sense.

We’re known for our relationship building, communication, and focusing on what’s going to drive results. We don’t believe in unnecessary monthly contracts – most small businesses simply don’t need them. We take a project based approach to SEO – let’s get the strategy right, get it done and then tweak as needed.

If this sounds like the right fit, get in touch. We’re happy to do a complimentary analysis of your website and provide actionable, useful suggestions to grow your business. 

Case Study: Wilderland Window and Gutter

We saved Wilderland $2k each month on google ad spend.  Wilderland has built an amazing reputation with their customers and we decided to leverage this relationship.  We optimized their SEO so they would show higher in organic rankings, reducing the need to supplement with google ads and created a simple, yet effective email marketing campaign.  We recommended they leverage their CRM system that had the capability to send very targeted personalized emails about their service.  The emails thanked them for their business, let them know their last date of service and invited them to schedule.  We wrote the copy for the email so that it would have the best chance of conversion. Between higher SEO and a great return on their email campaign, we got an email asking us to pause their ad campaign, saving them thousands each month!

Case Study: The Seaview Manor

The Seaview Manor is a historic manor located in Long Beach WA that had their property listed on traditional booking sites such as Airbnb, Vrbo.  The client wnated a strategy that would increase direct bookings/revenue.  Small Business Pro SEO created an integrated website that allowed customers to check booking availability and book through their website. To increase the traffic potential coming to the website, Small Business Pro SEO conducted extensive keyword research and designed a strategy for each page to capture the most searchers.  To increase the number of visitors coming to the site, we created supporting content pages such as “Best Restaurants in Long Beach WA”, “Things to Do In Long Beach WA” that not only position Seaview as destination expert and community resource and supporter, but will help with brand awareness when people are searching for other services/activities in their area.  


Working with Leigh has been an excellent experience. She uses her excellent intuition in combination with AI to produce incredible results.  It’s not very often I work with someone who pushes me to get to the next level with my business.  Leigh is that person – she is always one step ahead and makes sure my business SEO is performing.

Erica Vossler

Seaview Manor

We were originally referred to Leigh to help manage our companies Google Adwords
account. After a few months, with her recommendation, we decided to start working on the number asset we had, our website.
With the ultimate goal of controlling costs, first page rankings and investing in
something that would work long term she turned her focus to optimizing our ecommerce
website. She provided lists and comparisons showing how we ranked vs. our closest sales
competitors. From there she started with product list we provided to optimize content and keywords in order of importance to us. After 2 months we have dramatically increased
our page ranking and organic traffic ultimately increasing sales opportunities. Websites
are complicated, technical and competitive. Having Leigh work with ours has been the
best investment we have made working towards our sales goals.

Ronnie Swyers


My appointment book filled up quickly within one month of using her services which led to increased profits.  I would recommend Small Business Pro SEO for your services.  Leigh was professional and helpful in defining my needs.

Jason Tate

Attorney, McComb MS


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